OBS Crackling noise (multiple USB webcams) Help Please

Hello MRC Community and Family.
I am a baby pod caster about 1 year and a half at it and I learned just about everything I do from Mike using Adobe Audition.
I am in the process of taking my Podcast to video and I am having a problem that I absolutely cannot solve no matter how much I read or how much video I watch. I am at my wits end and I am hoping the best in the business can help.

I use OBS Studio along with a Ryzer HD (USB) cam as well as a Logitech c920HD (also USB) webcam. I use the Rodecaster Pro for my audio interface. I do have all cams going into an independently powered USB hub and have recently begun using a USB-C to connect the Rodecaster Pro to an independent USB-C port on my computer. (note the problem was occurring prior to this change. I thought this might fix it but it did not.

Here is where the problem comes up.
Anytime I am using both cameras AND the Rodecaster at the same time I get a crackling sound in my audio. Turn one of the 3 off, crackling goes away. Ryzer and Rode at the same time, fine. Logitech and the Rode, fine. Add the Rode with 2 cams running and I get crackle crackle crackle.
One very big note: The crackling only occurs when I am pulling audio from my laptop (ie you tube or some other video or audio on the computer). If I run audio through the Rodecaster via my phone or the sound pads the crackling does not occur.

I have tried:

  • Disabling All mic audio except the Rodecaster in OBS settings
  • Updating all drivers
  • Disabling webcam mics in settings of Windows.
  • Re install all cams
  • Re install OBS

I feel really stuck here and nearly everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked.
I would appreciate any help you can offer at this point as I am desperate.

Thanks Much for all you do.
I hope you can help,


Hi @bmcbryde, welcome to the MRC Community!

I personally don’t have much experience with OBS so won’t be able to help you much but if you could attach a sample of the crackling, it may help others when helping you :slight_smile: