Normalize value in waveform changes in the mix down in multitrack

The value of normalize in the waveform is -3db but after I mixdown session to a new file in the multitrack the value of normalize changes to -6db. How can I keep the value from normalize in the waveform also in the mixdown?

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Problem Solved! I had to change a setting in the Preferences of the multitrack in the default Panning mode. Hopefully this information will help others as well.

Well done on solving this issue @theo.souldoctor. Yes, multitrack will reduce the volume on mixdown. As you rightly mention the ability to change this is under Prefereces > Multitrack > Default Panning Mode.

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@Mike What value did you set in that panel? What value do you recommend to put?
However, the minimum value is -2db up to a maximum -6db.
If I want to put a -1, 0db doesn’t take it from me.

In Default Planning Mode you have to select: the button Left/Right Cut in stead of the button -3,0db Center
Just switch the selected button.

practically what’s the difference between the two?
I couldn’t find anything on the guide