Need to Know Location for the Preset which i saved in Effects -> Special -> Doppler Shifter (Process)

Pls Take a Look at Here : and Help me…

All presets are stored in a text readable file here (on PC):
C:\Users\Mike Russell\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Audition\13.0

Look for the file EffectPresets.xml and search the text for your preset name. You’ll find it in there. You can copy this to a new PC or simply rename it with a .bak extension and Audition will create a brand new EffectPresets.xml file when you next load it.

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Hi Mike

It’s really not clear what is the simplest way to keep the MRC v3.0.sesx file inside the audition, as a plugin is saved, rather than re-importing it into the audition each time. Or is this the only way to use the file? I’m working on imac 2020 thanks yoram

Finally Thanks a LOT @Mike :sunglasses: