Need little help about distored audio!

Hello. I am writing to you regarding your YouTube video: How to Fix Distorted Video Audio in Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro - YouTube

I need a very little help about one distored audio on video, but i separate only audio.

Can you help me about fixing it?

I was shooting a wedding, but at times the microphone was very loud and the sound was very distorted!

I tried to fix it with Adobe Audition repair DeClicker, but without resultat :frowning:

Can you help me improve the sound quality a bit and tell me how because it’s a few long moments and I only cut a small part of them?

Sincere thanks!

Here a link to broken distored audio in .wav format:

I would personally think that there is very little you can do to fix it unfortunately :frowning: Unless some other audio experts have some bright ideas. Sorry @papalin4o