Need help reproduce this effect in audition

Hello there,

i need your help guys. Im a motion graphics designer and have no clue how to use audition at all…
Im on a project right now, and have a sample of a sound i need to reproduce.

btw. its from a video on utube: mr freeman

more examples on 0:28 , 2:40 , 2:51 , 3:15

would be awesome if someone could help me out… like some advise how to or preset if possible.

thank you, you wonderful person of this planet

Do you mean the effect on the voice itself? We can certainly help and create custom presets for you. You can drop our team at a line and we can provide you with a quote. Usually prices for custom presets start at the same level as one on one consultation (which can be found here: Personal Audio Coaching : Mike Russell : Music Radio Creative )

Hope that helps!

Thank you for answering. But you made me really sad by this… I asked for help and you people want make money of it. This capitalism system is so freaking annoying! Seriously, everyone want money and no one is about to help. No human kind left in this society at all :confused:
I thought >community< is about be commune in the first place.

Anyway, meanwhile i asked the maker of the video directly and those people been so kind and gave me what i need, for free. Whatever, im out of here. Fully disappointed of you

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I completely appreciate it - however I assume that as a graphic designer you are being paid for the work you do by your clients?

Our community is full of amazing talents willing to give for free of course but to me personally where you charge your clients for your time - I am not sure why I should’t charge mine?