NASA Command Centre Style Audio (Adobe Audition)

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So, i’m wanting to put together some footage and lay a track over it with some sound fx - all familar stuff and nothing out of the ordinary in that.

I have a question for all you sound gurus out there.

Does anyone know if it’s possible - and if so how I would go about doing it - transforming some audio in to what sounds like clips from NASA Command centre?

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Hi #MusicHulk, if you are looking for sounds from NASA , just google for it and you find this site:

Hope you will find what you are looking for.

Greetings Paul

For the radio comms effect I found that Music Radio Creative’s Space Presets for Audition are perfect: Space Presets for Adobe Audition: 5 Tracks for Radio, Video, Helmet, Ship, & Computer Voice — Music Radio Creative

Use the “Radio Talk” channel and add in the “quindar” beep from the NASA Audio page DJ Pablo linked and you’re good.

Thank you so very VERY much @Jade . Hugely appreciated.

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You’re welcome. I run a station which is supposed to be a space based radio station on an asteroid 930 years in the future so I have a gotten a lot of use out of the MRC Space Presets!