My take on my "Movie Voice"

So I followed another set of instructions from Mike a while back and my little boy walked in and I had seriously planned on saying something completely different, then he pops out with “THERE’S A BEAR”.

It was the cutest, funniest thing I had ever heard. Of course we had to do it about 40 times but if I could rewind time I would have kept everything.

Here is what we ended up with…


@Joe_Salmi, you own the bear delivery. Good work guys!

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I swear we must have played for at least an hour. It was so awesome…

Ha ha ha, epic @Joe_Salmi!

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When storage space can be of a premium, we usually only keep the final version we want nowadays… So perhaps what we can learn from this is, keep the outtakes when they are funny, and they usually involve kids, or giggly adults. Lol.

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