My narration "fades in" - How to avoid this?

Hello everyone!

Before anything, thank you, Mike, for all you’ve taught me! Just 5 months ago I had never recorded anything other than some instructional training videos for my company. Now I am doing podcasts and YouTube videos with what I would consider relatively good success, so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am so very, very new at this, please be gentle.

I have done great recording and editing my sleep documentaries. I think they have mostly gotten very good reviews, although sometimes my listeners seem to think I am AI (go figure…) I can always post a sample of how this fade in sounds if any of you think it may help. Maybe one of you with a better understanding of this can help me tweak my settings where it will stop doing this weird fade in.

My issue is that sometimes, (possibly after I delete or restart a recording?) my voice fades in, which is not desirable, because sometimes you only hear half the word. I assume it has to do with the effects I am applying and I will list them below. I found the Facebook video on smoothing fades and smoothing crossfades, but I don’t think if I reduce it to under 2 or 5 ms respectively it will work?

(I am sorry if I have added too much below, I just don’t know what you may need to point me in the right direction)

Thank in advance!
Closer2Fine :blue_heart:

Software: Adobe Audition (I could use Adobe Premier Pro)
Mic: Blue Yeti Pro
My audios are usually around 60 minutes.
MSI laptop 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz with 64 RAM

  1. Effects: (in order)
  2. Clarity VX Broad 1 (removes constant noise, turned all the way up, basically AC and furnace, and does great)
  3. Diagnostics…declicker > scan > repair > clear repaired > repair (medium reduction)
  4. De-esser Central Frequency: 8163 Hz, Bandwidth: 6404 (I don’t see any improvement with this setting but not sure what else to do)
  5. Noise Gate AutoGate : Threshold -40dB - Attack 2.7ms - Release 183 ms - Hold 51.3 (I use for eliminating breath sounds, works on most breath sounds, still remove a few manually)
  6. Parametric Equalizer: (Gives me a little deeper voice) Not even sure how to show the settings here for that. I’ll try to paste a screenshot.
  7. Single Band Compression: (Threshold: -25dB - Ratio: 5x:1 - Attack: 1ms - Release: 500ms - Output Gain 5dB