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Tell me more @Hot_Jazz_Chick what is to be found in this session?

Mike, I love your interest in connecting with everyone that comes through your community/YouTube channel. I can only imagine the interpersonal communication and leadership you provide onsite with your company. I am a filmmaker (Creative Director and CEO of Martian Motion Pictures), musician, writer and now audio engineer (thanks) in Austin Texas. Not to lump any two people together arbitrarily but generally in this industry in this town at this level more often than not the ones with the “know how” are not forthcoming with advice, not as talented in the field, and inherently pretentious (as of late) in fact hands down you are the most professional and just real man. I cannot thank you enough. Literally, I think there’s a character limit! Keep it up, it is immeasurably inspiring indeed. If I can help in ANY way please,


Just a test upload for sharing purposes.

Would be so easy to put several voiceovers and or takes to a client’s project to let them see which one they prefer before producing the final mix for them.

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Just great proyect… Cheers

Go on then. I’ll have a go.