My Latest Powerintro (Years & Years)

Here is one of my latest powerintros using a free voiceover from Free Jingle Friday and processed with Mike’s Tutorial! - Years & Years - Starstruck! Any feedback will be much appreciated, im hoping to improve my skills!

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I love this @Rob_Williams! It’s nice and tight and goes perfectly into the vocals :slight_smile: Awesome job!

Where did you get the “Woo” sound effect at the start & the artist ID (Hi this is Years & Years)? I’ve been looking for these :slight_smile:

Hi @Bjorn thank you for the feedback, i can’t remember where the Woo effect came from its on my HDD of years of workparts, it was the closet one that fit to the song as that part of the song just wasn’t cutting it on its own it needed that extra something to start the Intro off, but the Artist ID for Years & Years i believe was from Benztown library. I have attached
below feel free to use them!!

Years & Years Artist Drop

“Woo” Sound Effect

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I like the overall sound quality. But the realtime player on the website sounds better than when I download the MP3 and play it in Microsofts Groove Music, because the spoken middle bit is then a lot softer than intro and outro.
I think it is Izabella saying har-mo-ny - but I think she is a bit late on the beat, it feels (to me…) that she is late and out of time compared to the music in the background. Maybe you even have to cut the syllables and move them tiny bits (to the left as they sound too late). My two cents.

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Thanks so much @Rob_Williams!

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By the way @Rob_Williams, did you use Adobe Audition to create this power intro?