My first post and a countdown bed

Hello everyone, I’m Mike, I’m a musician and to compose my music, whether it be songs I’ve written or audio to do with radio, I use Reason 10.2 which is a fabulous looking DAW, I have a lot of plugins and synths at my disposal, everything from Roland, Arturia, Omnisphere, and the Dune 3, I use Audition to master my tracks once they’ve been mixed, compressed and EQ’d. Here is a little something to show you what I’m capable of.

Hi all, again… I started this project lastnight, It’s a track which is gonna be featured on volume 2 of my radio beds, volume 1 can be found if asked for the link

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Awesome, thanks for sharing these creations @mikecullen1978.

They sound really good!

Thank You Mike, it’s so nice to get feedback from a professional in the business. I highly respect your opinion :slight_smile: many many thanks sir.

Hi @mikecullen1978 really sounds very good! what about the hardware you use? This are good creations!


Hi Juanmapinker,

There’s no hardware, only Reason 10 and many plugins :slight_smile:

You don’t use any midi controller? so you make your music only with you computer keyboard?


I use a Midi controller, Nektar LX61+ and my DAW, Reason 10.2 with a USB Audio Interface, M-Audio M-Track 2x2,

I use the novation launchkey 25 with Ableton for the midis, but I do almost everything with Audition. I’m a musician too @mikecullen1978 and I like your work. Also I have a great friend of mine (@piitciia) that loves this kind of music. She is very talented. It’s nice that you have join the community. Please share more of your music in the future and welcome to this awesome place!!


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Hi @mikecullen1978, @Juanmapinker, @Mike,

hi all. My dear friend @Juanmapinker (thanks to you) tagged me in this post and it was a pleasure for me to hear your works @mikecullen1978. You mentioned, that you mastered this mix with Audition. Are you willing to do a before and after, how the mix sounded and how the mix sounded with the mastering? And what was your mastering chain? Only a suggestion. I would be interested to know and hear about this.

The countdown is very pleasing and inventive.

“Mastering” a Mix is my great struggle at the moment (in which mastering is meaning only, making the mix sounding ready to release). @Juanmapinker, thanks for the flowers, maybe I am indeed talented but in my oppinion not skilled enough yet to dare a release of my now three unfinished Tracks :-);-). I have a lot of ideas and I like them, but I am not satisfied with the final result yet. I am so insecure with all decisions I have to made and in what I am hearing aswell, how much low end, and, and, end … and also I am not nearly where I want to be, because there are some of my lyrics and vocals to be added. But that´s my journey.

I would like to use Auditon for all my music ideas as well. At the moment I am using it for rarely Videoworks for better Audio. But I in future I need midi and instruments like in Ableton, otherwise I can not produce my ideas fluently. Not needing to buy another daw would be nice of course, because I’m already a full subscriber to CC anyway. But if there is no midi in the future in Audition I have to buy something else of course, I want to get forward. Music is not my bread and butter. I is “only” “labor of love” (or how is it called when you do something out of joy). So I am a bit hesitant with buying daw after daw … :slight_smile: … I bought just the minimal equipment so far.

Now, sorry for the tons of text. Should I dare to let you listen to one of my ideas? I am so shy :pensive::relaxed::face_with_hand_over_mouth: that I will send you a private message with the link first (right at them moment). @Juanmapinker already took a secret listen. I am not shure at the moment, if I am good enough to share it public here, but with some encouragement, eventually I will … I then can post a public link anytime …

Edit: Okay, I am brave :see_no_evil: … omg … now … here is the secret public :wink: link … for the two Mikes to listen … suggestions to achieve improvement are welcome to my ears …


P.S. @Mike, do you want to hear it? Want to let me dm you? Edit: I postet the link now.

Please don’t be shy @piitciia I haven’t listened yet to your work but I’m sure it sounds better than mine, I can only describe at the moment, until I do a video what went into the EQ, compression and mastering process, I did mention that I mastered, EQ’d and compressed in Adobe Audition, I’m so sorry I meant to type Reason 10.2 and then Izotope’s standalone software, the whole process was EQ’ing each instrument, on the relevant Instruments there was a high and low pass filter applied to filter out the unnecessary EQ. I compress each instrument with a VCL 4 compressor (a Fuse Audio Labs plugin), it’s not a heavy compression but just light in order to equalise the levels of the individual Instrument.

After the EQ and compression I’ll apply a further light compression on the master bus with a light limiting to flatten the levels which is noticeable in the waveform.

Please do DM me anytime, I’m more than happy to converse and share Ideas with you anytime you want to talk :slight_smile:



Hi @mikecullen1978,

thanks so much for encouragement and your detailed how to. I am shure I can follow along. Happy to know you too. And again thanks for the offer to dm you :blush:


Now that has some serious rhythm to it. Love it @piitciia there’s nothing to be shy about with great music like that. Well done! :slight_smile:

Hi Mike, thank you sooooo much for listening and for saying, that you love it. This is no encouragement for me to finish it with improvements. Thanks again and a lot. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes_cat: