My budget DJ online radio pirate set up

First of all practise with a friend or with whatever equipment you can beg//borrow//steal - to see if you have what it takes before spending out.

You need a laptop and look ahead to see what the software and hardware guys recommend in terms of spec.

I bought Tracktor Pro 2 for £45 in a Black Friday Sale, which runs on the Native Instruments Site for a week ! So its easier to sync with a Payday! So I toyed with that for a while - without a Controller and then I bought a Behringer Cmd Station 4 Controller for £78 brand new. A wonderfully impressive looking bit of kit which does everything I need.

For stands I use Gorilla, excellent value for money and sturdy as heck! I have a Stagg guitar effects case to carry my controller around - DO NOT spend out on custom or branded cases!

I think all tolled I spent £200.

For combined Christmas birthday prezzies I asked for a Behringer UCA222 U-Control audio interface (for recording at home and steaming online) and Lavolta Portable Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand with Cooling Pad - Red (both approx £20 each). Plus cables etc.

I bought 2x V-AP15A V3 Active PA Speaker 3200W 15" DJ Disco Sound System with Stands for £289.00 using PayPal Interest Free Credit which I paid it off within the 4 month Interest Free period with fees from gigs in those 4 months.

During quiet times I started to stream Live online Radio Shows on YouTube and Facebook. I bought a mic and phantom power supply for less than £30.

I’m lucky to have royalty-free music given to me.

Currently toying with an FM transmitter…

That’s a great setup on a budget @mrhayman. I agree that Gorilla stands are super strong and great. Careful with that FM transmitter!