My Branded Intros

Was watching todays Live seen it was about Branded Intros (Power Intro). Here is some of my branded intros that I produced for a Belfast based station Blast 106.

and this one is for a community radio station in Larne

Hope you like them :slight_smile:


Hi @Lewis_Perry_Mcadam

I absolutely love those Power Intros, and yes I also call them that, even though the technical name might be Branded Intros.

You should maybe design some for the community branded as Music Radio Creative, MRC, or even MRC FM.

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Excellent @Lewis_Perry_Mcadam… they are great!

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Linking these, very tight and get right to the track quickly. Good work @Lewis_Perry_Mcadam!

The left right echo stutter makes these rock :rocket:

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Thank you very much!! @Juanmapinker

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Thanks!! @DavidHunterScot. I call them both names lol

Thank you very much @Mike means a lot!! Your one of the guys that got me into radio production. I can remember your tutorials using Audition 3.0 haha Thats must have been a good 5/6 years go now.

Here is another that I’ve done today. Playing about with izotope vocalsynth


Nice @Lewis_Perry_Mcadam, vocalsynth gives a nice touch. Congrats! :metal::metal::metal::headphones::headphones::headphones::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::metal::metal::metal:

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Yep, +1 for using iZotope VocalSynth. Good work.

I always think of Super Mario Bros when listening to that song :smiley:

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nice and quality drops Lewis.

Welcome to the community @DeejayVans_Ke for sure you will find a great place in here for sharing your projects and knowledge.


THAT IS AMAZING!!! Where do you get the celebrity dj drops from? i would love some