Music Studio Design help

Hi Mike,

question for anyone who has built a studio im wanting to design a radio studio setup fully soundproofed and to specifications never designed a studio quite new to the studio building world. At present using my bedroom as my studio but eventually wanting to move to A custom studio. Just wondered if anyone can share design ideas or send me some plans to go off, I have a allen and heath desk at present the Zed 14 USB desk which using as my radio broadcast desk sound processing i’m requiring too using playoutone as my primary playout software. Wanting it so have my processed feed as my primary feed to my studio. I’m not sure on specs yet as not sure whats happening whether im moving out or staying put but need some help?


Thanks for the question Thomas! I think the main question to clarify here is whether you are looking for gear ideas or building/structural ideas? As two different things really :slight_smile:

It will be a bit of both at present looking to design a studio needing some tips and tricks to design my studio what equipment to get and how to go about sound proofing etc…

In terms of hardware based around your mixer I would suggest a USB 4 channel sound card so you can output each of PlayoutONE’s players to a stereo channel on your mixer.

I would then suggest taking the output from that to a dbx166xs to add final compression to get a nice level output and then take that to an audio interface so your stream pulls only that audio to send out.

In terms of building you’d be making a lot of adjustments to your bedroom in terms of acoustic treatment so you may want to look at hanging boards in front of the walls and attaching the acoustic treatment to those so when you move to a dedicated studio you can treat that properly and you’ve not done too much damage to your bedroom to find an acoustic workaround.

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Good topic @Thomas_Marshall and if you’re looking to go fully soundproofed you’ll need to build a “room within a room” so plenty to consider.

We’ll be embarking on that adventure soon so there will be videos to come on the YouTube channel :slight_smile: