Music jingles for beginners

Ok I don’t have a music licence probebly never will. BUT if we want to make a 30 sec jingle including a few sound bites from a variety of singles do we have the right to do so or? Do we need permission. What does the law state? I use Bensounds now. He or they do great music.

If you don’t have direct permission from the author, artist or producer of the musical element you’re considering the best rule is to leave it out.

Radio stations are able to drop in song clips and drops and are mostly covered by the blanket music licenses they pay. This covers most of the costs to the musical composers and performers. PRS and PPL are the music licensing bodies to talk to in the UK.

@Bobster you don’t mention where you are from. Music licensing laws vary from country to country. If there’s something specific you’d like to use you can always seek permission direct from the creator.

There are, like you mention, plenty of royalty free music sites around that cover most of our needs. You should be sure to always read the licensing terms on these sites too. Royalty free doesn’t always mean free forever and sometimes you’re limited on these sites by broadcast area or number of downloads.

Those are my initial thoughts. Let us know what you’re hoping to create and I’m sure others will have ideas and opinions for you too!

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Thanks for the response @Mike
I am living in Kyiv Ukraine. Training kids or teens English and its my way of teaching through recording either video or sound :sunglasses:
I haven’t and probably never will do a sound bite using music. Just thought I would ask in case students asked me.

My opinion is that you can refer to the “fair use”, as you are a teacher and use the music for non commercial purposes.


Bobster, this is what @Renato was referring too, should be enough for your needs.

This is the US directive, but of course it may differ in your specific locale. You are very unlikely to end up in court, based on some of the blatant bending of similar rules even on YT.

Hope this helps


Idem, just to know, creative means that, just new things to think about it. Just rise the creative brain part now and produce new stuff

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Wow thanks guys. Interesting info there. Ukraine is going through a bad patch with regards to copywrite infringment etc. But we are trying to educate and lead through example. But to be able to quote what you say and the laws will be excellent. Thankyou all.