Multitrack problem with key frames

When I use the volume line and add key frames, it is difficult to set it at a precise level. Is there a way to be more precise in setting it?

Hi @cyberlarson, I believe there is a button you can hold down like shift or ctrl/cmd, not sure though. Perhaps @Mr-Shortcuts can help with this?

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I thought that may be the case. I tried a number of keys to no avail

Double thanks for understanding the question

Hi guys. I’ll get onto this ASAP.
Off the top of my head not sitting in front of the computer, you can try selecting the volume automation line, putting your playhead where you want to make the volume change, manually enter the exact volume level you want, and click the little diamond between the left and right triangles. That I believe is "Insert Keyframe."
The two triangles are move to previous and next keyframe respectively.
I’ll try this myself tomorrow.
Unfortunately from memory there is no smooth movement available with holding down a shortcut key.

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