Multi Pitch Mixer Template

Greetings all.

I have created a Template to put in your Templates folder for those who want to fiddle with their voice pitch without having to go into the settings for Pitch Shift every time. It also allows you to put multiple pitches on it at the same time to create interesting chords when speaking.

There are also 2 tracks for Karaoke singing if you have a karaoke version of a song.

1. Karaoke Music Track
2. Full Vocals Track (for reference)
3. Vocal 1
4. Vocal 2

As well as the 4 above, the mixer has the following faders:

Vocals Bus (Vox) to group the vocal tracks.
Pitch FX Sends Bus with 12 sends to each of the pitch channels.
12 preset pitches
1 Reverb sidechain

Of course you can add vocal tracks if you want; just make sure you send them to the Vox Bus and not straight to Master.

I’ve written a PDF that explains a lot more in detail than than I can write in here without it getting too messy.
Also, any track that has a highlight under its icon (currently the pitch busses) means it is locked from opening when you stretch open the tracks. This is to save mess when when you just want to open editable tracks.
Just click the icon and the track will then expand.

Download it here! -> Multi Pitch Mixer Template

Here are two screen shots of the mixer and the track view.


Track View

Have fun and enjoy. And any feedback, questions, and suggestions are greatly appreciated!



Wow David!! you are the best. I will try it as soon as I can. Thanks @Fluffman71

You are most welcome. I needed to fix the PDF with some missing words. They are there now, so you can go download the thing again for the latest PDF.

You’ll have lots of fun with this. My girls do. Pitch correction is handy for such occasions.

This looks really useful, I’m gonna need to experiment a bit with this!

Could I recommend adding a screenshot to your post, might help some users better understand what your template offers before downloading :wink:

Thank you, Ole. A very good idea. A picture paints a thousand words as they say. I will take that suggestion on board for any future projects and grab some screenshots for this one when I’m next at the computer.


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As requested, Ole, 2 screenshots for user enticement :slight_smile:

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This is amazing!

David, perhaps you could give us a very quick example of usage.

It’s certainly something I can feature on a live show too :+1:

Now why the heck didn’t I think of that? I think seeing it got to 3am when I finalised the PDF and uploaded everything, I simply forgot a “How To Use” guide. Duh! :roll_eyes:

I’ve started on a Dummies guide already, but now I’ve read this - a usage guide - I’ll get to writing that up first. But that will be tomorrow also, seeing it is again now 3:38am here. Bed time!

See you tomorrow.

As requested, here is a How To Use Guide for the Pitch Shifter Template.

  1. Create a new Session using the Template.
  2. Open the Mixer window and do the rest using the mixer. It will be easier to control the levels with the faders.
  3. Set one of the vocal tracks’ input to your mic. They each have pitch correction on them.
  4. Raise the level on that channel to 0dB. It has a limiter on it, so you won’t go hot.
  5. Set [All Vox] and [FX Sends] to 0dB
  6. Put the Reverb fader up a bit if you want. It also has a limiter on it so it doesn’t flood the signal.
  7. Pick a pitch Bus or two or three and raise the faders - they are clearly labelled.
  8. Raise the Vox Submix fader to -3dB
  9. And finally, raise the Master Fader
  10. Now talk! Or sing, at your peril. The pitch correction may or may not save you. lol
    Note that no signal will come through with no pitch faders up. So if you want just normal voice, slide up the Normal fader.

I apologise for omitting these vital instructions. You make a “What It Does & How It Works guide”, but not one how to use the damn thing! I assumed too much that me showing how it works (written down granted you) would guide you how to use it. But a practical example always does the trick.

I’ve messaged Mike with these instructions so he can give it a go and demo it on a future show.

For now:

  • You aren’t limited to just Pitch Shifting, you can send anything to a Bus with an effect or more on it
  • Both Audio and Bus track have sends on them, 16 in total each, you can send them whichever Bus you want. You can’t send to Audio tracks.
  • It won’t let you make a mistake when you choose in your list because it knows what’s going where. It can’t send to itself or to a signal path that leads back to itself. That would not be good.
  • If you run out of sends, set send no. 16 to another sends Bus to give you 16 more. It’s limited by your imagination, knowledge, and also your computer’s power!

But of course, for now, start off with this one. It’s big enough to get your head around as it is!

If you leave the reverb section out, just think of it as straight through like this:

Vocal -> Vocal Bus -> FX Sends -> Pitch Busses -> Vox Submix -> Master

If you’ve got the fader up on each of these things, a signal will come through.

And now that I’ve polished it and understand my clever reverb sidechain emulation, I want to try and put two busses on it that lets me choose to send either a dry signal or ‘effected’ signal to the Vox Submix. Because I’ve been trying to do this in making this template, it is why I have taken my time in getting it out - I couldn’t figure it out. So I just cut it down of inputs but included a full selection of pitches to pick from.

Hope this makes things easier to understand how to use it.

Contact me if you have any questions.