MRC Ident (First Attempt)

Hi Folks, here’s my first attempt at an ident. I may be using the wrong terminology but anyways, take a listen.


Hi @jameel_n

The term “ident” is commonly used in the television broadcasting industry, for radio broadcasting, or something that is just mainly audio, the term “jingle” is more commonly used. They both mean the same thing so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I really like your attempt at a jingle/ident for MRC, well done! If you have anything else you wish to share, please feel free, we’d love to hear it.

Good working @jameel_n keep going!

Love the whoosh in - very smooth - great effort on this @jameel_n!

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@DavidHunterScot thanks for the clarification on this. I’m a bit new to this aspect of production so the feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks as well @Juanmapinker and of course @Mike.

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Just to clairfy further.

Am IDENT is a STATION IDENTIFICATION or LEGAL ID. In terrestrial television & radio in the USA certian specific information is required.

( station call sign in WABC or KCBS, assigned frequency, physical location{city or town) & is REQUIRED to be played 5 before thru 5 after the hour ,ie :55 -05 once per hour.)

Online radio does not have such a requirement

Jingles, sweepers or liners are musical & vocal messaging involving station branding that are often used to tie different segments or songs together. They CAN have very specific functions such as a news, sports or weather jingle, They can also be very generic in nature.

Just my 2 cents

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