MRC.FM Live: Theme Music Challenge

How about making a station ident for the show only using real music and musicians from the MRC community?
If you’re interested in being a part of THE MRC HOT BAND, just add your tracks to the mix.

To start the ball rolling, I have added a basic backing track based on LOWDOWN by Boz Scaggs.
Needs guitars, and vocals next and a station ident voiceover at the end where the marker is…
Just throw your ideas down and have some fun with it.

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I’d like to hear this. Great idea!

What Guitar do you want on this? Is there a cue sheet?

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OK, this got me to join up to Melosity and I’m blown away by what I hear so far!

Totally awesome :slight_smile:

You even got @Izabela to join Melosity so she could listen in too.

Oh I can’t believe I’m saying this …

Add your own track with some backing vocals to the mix or better still record both you and Izzy together to help you blend the BVs.

Jen is going to kill me.

I’ll get some guitar down during the week.

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If you don’t like the strings, I can change them.


Do you want brass charts written up?
When’s your next rehearsal?

Nice work Ben The old String Machine from the 80s filled many a dancefloor.

No we actually do a smokey, deep in the pocket version with a single sax and I take a couple of solos on the piano. It’s a fantastic groove to riff over.

They are just perfect thanks . xx

I’m sure you will all agree that @Bob_Sidwell’s new lead vocal is just amazing.
It’s one of the hardest genres to get right. Just the right amount of soul and the right amount of cool and to sound relaxed at the same time especially live. There’s a brilliant soul singer in London called Graham Dee. He’s lead singer with the Climax Blues Band and was discovered by Big George of BBC TV’s Have I Got News For You fame. He just appeared out of nowhere and cut an amazing album. What I’m trying to say is that anything is possible. Graham also works as a voice coach on X-Factor all because he just got out there and gigged.

Let’s see some more singers and we’ll pick the best takes for the final mix for @Mike to produce.

Keeping it Live on MRC.FM

Jen xx

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