MRC Dance Beat Mix 1 [OUT NOW]

Hey folks

I’ve been working on a Dance Beat Mix for the MRC Community that I plan to release soon. Let me know of your interest below so I know how many are interested.

Total Length: 5:19
Filesize: 7.31 MB
Music Source: Royalty Free Dance Music Vol. 1:

I’m tempted to lower the quality so no one can really use the audio without buying the package. Let me know your thoughts below, and I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Tagging: @Mike @Izabela

It’s here!

Let me know your thoughts below, and I do hope you enjoy this mix. Quality has been lowered to protect MRC’s product, and to provide a smaller file size for upload to the community.

Tagging: @Mike @Izabela


wow i love this dance mix

good work

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Thank you @Liam_Sloan, so glad you liked it.

Great stuff @DavidHunterScot!

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Thank you @Juanmapinker!