MRC 2.0 Presets - Music 1 Level


I’ve put together an audiocast which has music on the intro and under the end credits. As a result it’s on Music Track #1 to avail of the auto-ducking/Dynamics Processing.

It sounds fine when I play back the multitrack, but once it’s mixed-down (Export > Multitrack Mixdown > Entire Session…) the music level is very low. The music track has good levels (see screenshot for reference) and the track gain level is currently at +2, going any higher sends the track levels into the red, yet it still sounds weak once everything is bounced down.

Has anyone else come across the same problem or perhaps have some advice?

I’m only guessing here, but maybe the music isn’t compressed and the parts that are loud are only the drums?

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Hi fubidou,

That’s a good point, I’ll try compressing the music track and see if that produces a better balance. Thank you for your help.

Okay. I’ve compressed the music track to roll off those peaks and tried mixing down again, but the music level is still very low despite there being no dialogue on those parts. The yellow keylines show the music in the final mix:

As mentioned, the balance sounds fine when played within the multitrack so it appears that something happens at the mixdown stage to change that…

Unsure if it would help on this problem, but I have to change music tracks from wet to dry to get them compressed at right level on multitrack…

Thanks R80, I’ll look into that.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions so far.

Unfortunately, compressing the music doesn’t seem to solve the problem. However, I see that the music track is stereo, while the dialogue tracks are mono.

Would this affect the mixdown levels?