Moving Mike's Adobe Audition Pre-Sets to a New PC

Hey Guys, am just installing a new PC and was wondering what the best way would be to install Mike’s Adobe Audition pre-sets that are currently sitting on the old PC onto the new one.

Can the existing pre-sets be copied over using a networked drive or would I need to download a fresh copy from the MRC website?

Many Thanks
Steve Moore

Hi Steve, thanks for the note! New PC sounds exciting :slight_smile:
All you need to do is re-download the presets from your account area on our website (Account — Music Radio Creative) and then follow this guide to set it up as a template on your new machine: Saving Presets as a Template Any issues let us know!

Hey Izzy,

Thank you for the information and your quick response.
Its always great to hear from you.

Best Regards,
Steve Moore
KTMA Studios.

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