More AA Presets... for Adobe Audition 3.0

Would like to see a pan channel separate left right???
More filter voices
Filter voices with delay or multi tap

What’s the possibility of getting some presets using other hi-end plugins like the UAD Avalon or Manley Vox Box or even Shepps Channel

Not really a question to me but I’m guessing excluding no standard plugins wouldn’t work in the presets.

It would, I believe, devalue the presets, which work very well with just the native effects, as they’d then only be of use to those who had any additional presets used.

I know however that you could book a session with Mike who could work with you remotely to incorporate your third party plugins into some presets.

Drop MRC a line and I’m sure they’ll be able to work with you and help


Thanks for the suggestions @HotMix5 and great reply @markdenholm.

I did actually release some free presets for some Waves audio plugins. Take a look and download them :slight_smile:

@markdenholm is right. @Mike is the best when it comes to all things audio. He’s an audio Albert Einstein. He could get you the right plug-in not only for your needs, but also for your dollars worth. (Pounds, if you’re from the UK.) Remember, for all your audio needs, it’s Music Radio Creative.