Moderators for the Community

We now have 4 moderators in our lovely community and live chat during the live shows.

@Izabela @Joe_Salmi @OleHenrik @Mr-Shortcuts and @DavidHunterScot

I’m capping new additions to the moderation team until 1st December 2017.

Here’s how to be considered for a moderator role during the next intake (from December 2017).

How to Become A Moderator for the Music Radio Creative Community

  • Be consistent, show up, post and contribute here and on the live stream. If you are not seen for over one month you may lose your spanner and shield.
  • Ask questions and engage others in interesting discussions.
  • Become a loved member of the community by ranking high in this chart. Note that it’s ranked on hearts given and not number of posts.
  • Learn how to combat spam, split out posts, add categories and rename posts (to make them relevant) on here. Help is provided in a secret part of this community for moderators only.

Meet the MRC Moderators
Izabela Russell

@Izabela the original Izabela Russell!

You’ll often catch her looking after the live chat during MRC Live.

Izabela is also my better half and the brains behind Music Radio Creative :smiley:

Ask her anything!
Joe Salmi

A brand new upgrade for @Joe_Salmi today to moderator.

Joe has been with us since the start and his help on here and support in the comments have been greatly appreciated.

@Joe_Salmi, take a spanner :hammer_and_wrench: and a shield :shield: I am grateful for you!
Ole Henrik Stabell

@OleHenrik joins the moderation team for the MRC community.

Ole, from Norway, is an Adobe Extension Developer and has a great grasp of how Discourse community boards (like this one) work.

Ole, you’ll be a great addition! :slight_smile:
David Silke

@Mr-Shortcuts has been with us since the start and is a regular contributor to the live show.

David you’re very welcome in here as a new moderator!
David Hunter

@DavidHunterScot is a great new addition to the MRC moderation team and is enthusiastic about mixing and remixing sung jingles. Welcome, David. Great to have you here! :slight_smile:


WHOOOhooo WTG Cado… Congrats brother… Keep your contributions coming.

Cado’s a busy man. Congrats for your promotion.

hello everyone,… im new here… so glad to be a part of this community…
greetings from Indonesia

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Welcome aboard, it’s great to have you.

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Welcome Danny! Good to have you as part of the community.

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My Dad used to rave about a band called Cado Bell with Maggie Reilly on vocals.
Sort of a West Coast LA jazz/funk fusion around the time of the Average White Band and not too dissimilar.
She also sang with Mike Oldfield on ‘Moonlight Shadows’.

Sharing the love on MRC.FM

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Congratulations to Cado!

Hello Noobie here.
Thanks for having me.

Cado Bell has become a legend in HERE. Nice!

What’s with all this Moderator rubbish?

I’m not a Mod and never will be.

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Bumping this.

A warm welcome to @Joe_Salmi as moderator here and spanner on YouTube live chats.

You deserve this Joe. Thanks for all your support!

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Aww thanks Mike. I will do my best. :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Many of us wants that title. You will be a great MOD…Sorry moderator. Hugs my friend

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Everyone give a warm welcome to @OleHenrik who has just joined the moderation team for the MRC community. Ole has been providing us with great value over the past weeks.

He’s the creator of the, much loved, Notes Plugin for Adobe Audition.

Ole has also been working on a secret project that will be not so secret anymore when it is revealed on the live stream today!


Thank you!

I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on on the stream today!


A final addition for the time being. Bumping this up again!

Welcome moderator @Fluffman71 :slight_smile:

You can read more and learn how to become a moderator for the MRC community yourself in the first post of this thread.

Thank you for granting me the privilege of Moderator.

As well as @Mike, feel free to ask me for any possible shortcuts and quicker ways to do things and I’ll be happy to help if I know the answer.

Nearly every element of Audition has a right-click pop up menu and that’s the first action I take if I don’t know any quicker method for it yet.

I’m always ready to share my knowledge of Audition to those needing help.



thanks mike, great Idea to create this community

thanks sir… great to meet u to in community

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