Mixing for video

Hello. New user. 99% of my mixing is for television promos. This involves mixing field audio over music and some sound effects. The music and SFX are always great, the field audio, not so much. And since it is for a promo, everything has to jump out of the speakers. Does anyone have any videos or tips on how to make field audio sound better and how to do a final mix with music? The field mics are all over the place and some best practices would help me out quite a bit. Perhaps a video from Mike Russell? Mike have you done one like this?

Thanks so much.


Hey @Mchamps - great to see you on here and thanks for the question!

It can be a challenge to get field effects to sound good for sure. Perhaps you have a few samples you could upload here so we can get an idea of the kind of material you’re working with?

The Essential Sound panel has a dedicated SFX area that may help but it’d be great to hear the kind of stuff you’re working with.