Minecraft Cat and Dog Soundtrack

Greetings everyone.

I thought I’d start a thread in which members can share any of their projects for other members to download and study and play with. Then leave some feedback and questions if they have any about how this or that was done.

I’ve got one I’ve worked on since about Jan this year and it was pretty much mostly completed. But not the way I wanted it. It is finally finished now.
When you see it, it is messy with cues but they were quite necessary. It is fairly simple in design but it took me ages to get it the right way I wanted it with the footsteps SFX. The music cuts and crossfades were easy, but then putting in the timings of that one section to the way I liked it, in particular, was a pain.

Anyway, the outline for this project is:

  • Everyone knows about Minecraft.
  • There are various animals in it like ocelots and wolves.
  • You can tame the wild ocelots into domestic cats by feeding them fish. Likewise, you can tame the wolves into dogs by giving them bones.
  • The game has a soundtrack with two tracks called funnily enough “Cat” and “Dog”. The tracks sound very similar and they annoyingly break between tracks. So I thought I’d run them together and add some of the SFX from the game of the cats and dogs.

I hope you enjoy it and I’d really love some feedback.

Please also read the Copyright Information text file. It is important as the music is not mine and used by permission.

Here’s the mix: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_5rkwj5xySCcUdKcHJRSHVuZWM



Sound FX as one shots, each with processed L and R stereo channel tracks, that I used as the SFX bed underneath one of the example reels used for branding/social media introductions for the parent company for all my endeavors (side note in the middle I am a writer, visual artist, photographer, filmmaker, video editor, animator, lyricist, musician and humble braggart, any one interested in any of those topics with questions, needs for similar feeds as this for those, and especially collaborative work of any kind please JoyceanRum@gmail.com…free lower level help for all community members. As if it is still pertinent here ) and that is


Awesome Adobe Audition session file @Fluffman71.

I really like your use of markers to show where everything is happening in the track. I should do that a whole lot more!

This is a great example to share and others should certainly download it and take a look for themselves :slight_smile:

Thanks, Mike. I appreciate you having a look at it.

I’d really love it if other members could have a look at it too. I’m very proud of all the work I put into it and my other projects. It wasn’t a quick “drop here, cut there, crossfade there job”. Lining up music tracks to smoothly crossfade is a fine art and one I’m very proud of. I give myself the biggest head when I make an inaudible crossfade and I don’t care what anyone says about it either! lol. I like to listen to it a few times just to enjoy it more, lol. That’s terrible but hey, a good job deserves a good listening.

I’ve got other sessions I’ll tidy up and post. Perhaps it’s a good idea to also post the MP3s so ppl don’t have to open Audition to view the session and mix it down themselves.

I’ve put the MP3 of Cat and Dog in there. Perhaps it’ll entice ppl to listen to it first and come and see how it was done. :thinking:

See you soon. :wink:

Feel free to “humbly braggart” as much as you want. :slight_smile: As you’ll see in my reply to Mike about my Cat and Dog Mix, I give myself a big head when crossfades or the like goes so damn smoothly. We’re allowed that privilege I believe.

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A great idea to drop in the MP3 file version to your Google Drive folder @Fluffman71.

I like this track - it is hypnotic - I’m listening to all the purring at the start and it is very relaxing. I love the dog barks and pants mixed on the beat. It’s a hit! :smiley:

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Me again!
I’ve made a separate session with just the music in it that shows how I put it together.
It’s displayed with colours and some markers so you know where I took a section of music out from the Cat track and the crossfades I used.

I’ve locked the tracks so they don’t accidentally move. But if you want to play around with them, select whatever clip(s) you want to unlock and right-click on one of them and choose Lock in the menu. It will take away the tick and unlock the clip.

The MP3 is in the ZIP file also.

Same address:


Have fun!

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