Mike's Mic path

Mike. Are you routing the DBX’s output directly into a mic input pre-amp channel on the Soundcraft?
That wound cause too much gain and consequently distortion and the inevitable clipping.
Wouldn’t you be better either going direct or to send the DBX to an AUX Channel input instead?

Great thought @The_Tone_Arranger.

This is my mic chain for the live stream:

AT4033a > XLR to TRS > dbx 286s > TRS to TRS > Line in on Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

It seems that all my audio is clipping if I play it too loud as I noticed the intro music clipped yesterday too. Maybe I need to try another audio interface or method to route all audio to the live stream.

Any ideas greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

So she’s too hot going into your audio interface?
Then an Amazon Stereo line attenuator should due the trick. http://amzn.to/2tbPMzY

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I would remove DBX from chain and try to use Souncraft preams and dbx limiter that it has on two channels. Also you should be able to control master out it that goes to your Focusrite card, or just try USB out from Soundcraft

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