Mike Russell appearing red in video for FJF

Hi @mike. You requested help in figuring out why your Logitech webcam makes you appear red or orange. As a photographer, one thing we have to study is light for the purpose of not just brightness, but for color temperature and shadowing. Your problem can come from one of a few things I notice in the studio. If you are using tungsten lights in the range of 2400-3200 degrees Kelvin, then you must turn off the lights above your head if they are not in that color range. It will cast a blue tint, making you appear red. Google the term “Kelvin temperatures” and you will see what I mean. Since you are using a Mac, the software for Logitech control is not capable of letting you choose color temperature or hue. I know, I have the C920 Pro on both my PC and Mac. On the PC, the software is called Logitech Webcam Capture. It lets you customize much better than the other options, plus it still can do Chroma Keying and Luma Keying for green or blue screen. If you run that camera on a PC (or even through an emulator) and run that software, then you can go down to where it says “auto white balance”, turn it off, and select your color temperature for that camera. As you use the slider for white balance, you will see a set of numbers. The higher the number, the warmer the skin tone, so the lower it is, the cooler the skin tone (redder or blue). I wish Logitech would make the software available for Mac, but am still waiting for them to do so. If you don’t want to run a full fledged PC, then get a stick pc for about $90 just for the webcam or run an emulator on your Mac.

Now if you are using florescent studio lighting on your softboxes or studio lights, then you are running a cool temperature. The same logic would still apply. That would mean turning off all other lights that are not running in that temperature range. Remember, both Tungsten (2400-3200K roughly) and florescent (5000-5500K roughly) lights will do fine on their own, they just can’t mix with other types of light. A way to test this would be to turn on the studio lights, and have Izabela take a picture of you with the flash on. If you appear purplish, then you are running Tungsten lights. If you appear normal, then you are closer to florescent temperatures.

Lastly, if you have your curtains open in that room, you are interfering with the studio light setup because it is changing the Kelvin temperature. I am leaning more towards this as the main problem, and this would be the easiest to fix if you are the only one facing the open window/sliding door. Simply close the curtain, and the two light sources will not mix, giving you the off color. You still should turn off the overhead bulbs in the wire frame. I hope this helps, and feel free to contact me if you have trouble.