microphone set up.

This is a little un-customary but in need to ask for some help please from Mike.

I didn’t get chance to watch all your recent videos regarding music production on youtube, but did get one episode.
it was very interesting but it was the video on correcting recored messages such as Skype or on-line interviews ect, and how to cut the drop outs - forgive my explanation

I have started and online radio station. well im trying to get if of the ground, you have done some jingles for me, which I love and will be doing more as time goes by.

But mike please, I need some advice if you can?

I have 10 years radio experience in England on the private radios of London, (I now live in spain).
my problem is my microphone, to me it sounds a little flat, and I can’t get it to sound how I want. Im using logic 9 for my podcasts and have
the mic channel strip set up with:

channel EQ
level meter

I’ve rolled off the sub bass tones and parallel compressed the hi end but it just doesn’t sound like the other mics on online radio stations, FM radio or even your mic on youtube and through your jingles. Im using an AUDIO-TECHNICA AT2020 which is a great mic. In the headphones it sounds nice but in my podcast mixes its just not the same. here is a link to my recent podcast which does air on fresh radio in spain every Friday at 00:00 Spanish time. also at 8pm uk time on Tuesdays on house party radio .net

https://soundcloud.com/housefrictionradio/hfr14 - best voice dub at about 12mins into the mix.

im also mixing at -22 db peak on the music and combined voice over dub. I master through isotope Ozone 8 to -14LUFS which I believe this particular podcast has hit, if you listen through my Soundcloud page from the 1st episode to now number 14 you can hear the progression I have made with sound quality. I’ve learned a lot over the short time I have been pre-recording shows for the radio station.

I drop the music by 1db to be able to hear my voice over it.

please can you take a listen at the recording and offer me any help or links to watch to make the mic sound better.

Id really appreciate any help where possible.

Thank you for your time.

Glen Callagan

It seems that there is no pressence in your voice after you processed,also there is no high frequency. Can you send me your voiceover so that i can see what is going on,please send unprocessed. After that i can tell you how can you process your voice.

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