Microphone and other sound only on left channel, and need assistance using Loopback to fix it

I posted something about my SoundCraft Mixer about a month ago, but it seems I didn’t get a reply. Basically, I am trying to fix my soundcraft 12mtk, so I have my microphone rooted correctly instead on right or left channel, depending how the headphones are positioned. Everything else is on one channel, so I can’t get it in stereo. I posted another one about this about 2 months ago, and I got a reply from Mike. This is what he said, but I need more clarification on the last part. I put his reply in quotes.
“It’s likely you’re using channel 1 for a microphone. You’ll find it the case that much software uses channels 1 and 2 by default so this will put channel 1 (your mic) on the left and whatever is on channel 2 on the right channel. You can certainly get around this using Loopback and routing channel 1 to a brand new audio input on both left and right channels.”
My question is how do I route channel 1 to a brand new audio input on both left and right channels, and fix the part so I can get stereo for games that I am playing? Please let me know ASAP. :slight_smile: Have a good day and stay safe everyone.

Thanks for asking this @TechPianoPlayerKid.

When you’re using Loopback you’d create a New Vitrual Audio Device and simply connect channel 1 from your Soundcraft Sigature 12 MTK desk to the stereo output twice. Once to the left channel and second time to the right channel on your new virtual audio device.

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What Mike says is true. Loopback is amazing. Here’s my crazy setup on my laptop.