Me again after a while :D

I’ve been bit away, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not following what is going on here :slight_smile:. I’ve been working on couple of projects, ad here is small part of that. I just want to show how much little goes long way, and how sweepers mix with the songs that are in rotation. One thing I believe you should always do while mixing a sweeper is to have music that you are playing on your station and to listen how it mixes. You will often end up removing some effects that you put in your mix. I would tell you about one podcast but it’s from another similar firm as MRC so i’m not sure if that is OK :smiley:

Sweepers alone:

And mixed in:


Great work, man! Sounds amazing!

@Saba, I’m also quite away because of work. Great stuff! See you soon

Great productions! Getting me into the Christmas spirit :christmas_tree: :slight_smile:

Way to go @Saba! Go go go!