Matching loadness

I produce a music radio podcast. I followed Mike’s video on matching noise loadness in the end mix. the music tracks went down at 16Lufs which was expected because music is så load. but my speaker track shot right up peaking like mad? All tracks were normalized to -3db from the start. So were am I going wrong?

Hi @George when applying Match Clip Loudness in multitrack it’s recommended to stick with the default -23 LUFS. Multitrack doesn’t have a true peak limiter so that’s why waves will increase above 0 db and distort. -23 LUFS setting shouldn’t do this however.

Then, when you mixdown the multitrack to waveform use the Match Loudness window to hit -16 LUFS on your final mix. True peak limiting will be applied (if needed) and you’ll hit your target.

Okay so that`s why. It was driving me nuts. Thank you Mike for your reply. Keep up the great work!,