Mastering and Leveling

I was wondering how I should master and level a pre recorded 1h radio show?

I have been looking at the Waves L1 & L2 Ultramaximizers but I’m not quite sure which one would be the best and if it will do the trick.

It would be great to see what you all think and what you use :slight_smile:


You can use the default audition mastering tool, you could also use the waves plugins but before you master it remember you need to consider the processing your file will go through at the radio station end.

Between the radio desk and the transmitter or stream there may well be a processor which levels and compresses the audio. It’s important to take this into consideration.

For example using the default audition tool you could use 100% loudness maximiser which may sound great in your studio but could sound awful on the air as it would then be double processed.

In terms of mastering for radio less can often be enough.


@Bjorn well in my case if i produce 1hour radio show, i’ll make sure that my channel on multitrack are on the same level -6db. When i export i will have neough headroom to add L2 but you should be carefull with that as @markdenholm said radio station also have at the end some kind of processors like optimod or omnia. so at the end from my experience i always leave at least 1 - 2db of headroom so that that processor have enough space for processing at the end.

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