Mashup i've done

Hi everyone, I have two mashups that I have done. I would like to ask advice on how I could improve them. I’ve done these on garageband

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Thanks for sharing @Artisticgirl28 best to post them here for us to check out :slight_smile:

Hey @Artisticgirl28,

The structure is nice, but the tracks don’t quite match harmonically and because of that clash. I’d research a bit about “harmonic mixing” and look at learning to use the camelot wheel when choosing your tracks (attached example) :smiley:

For example, tracks in 8A work well with 9A, 7A and 8B. (left, right & opposite your main track)

Bit technical, but hope that helps!

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I would like to be honest, I don’t fully understand this. I have been following a page called tunebat which says songs which would work together

I’m not a musician, just a women who is an artist/ graphic designer. I’ve looked through so many tutorials on youtube. To be honest, I’ve had headaches over this

nice mashup, there’s one note that clashes, it’s the 7th degree of the major scale, in one song it uses the normal 7th note found in the major scale, and the other song with the female voice it uses a flattened 7th found in the mixolydian scale, in the right place it’s real tasty. a bit like adding lemon juice to a sweet and sour chicken dish, the right amount will be delicious, but too much will make it a bit sour.

See if you can hear the note I’m talking about in the female voice, some places it adds a nice spice and tension to the music, and perhaps in the parts it does sound ‘sour’ you could pitch shift it up one semitone to make it sweeter, or just leave it out in the parts that clash.

in the first line of the female vocal “I feel so happy” the spicy nots is in the word ‘feel’

Hmm, could I ask do you mind helping me with this mashup, if not that’s okay :slight_smile:

Are you asking me or Bjorn?

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You :slight_smile: if thats okay :slight_smile:

Sure, no worries. Do you know what it is specifically do you want help with?

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Yes! Like you said about the female voice that i need to leave out the parts that clash. So wanting to know what parts to take out. Also about pitching up the female voice because at the monent, im listening to it, and its way to low.

The note that the female vocals hit on the word feel is the one that will give you the most problems, or sound the most awesome, depending on how you treat it.

If you are able, you could even pitch that one single note a semitone higher in places to help it fit with the chords if needed.

It’s all about giving each vocal part their own space, as well as matching what the music is doing…

Without specifically knowing the music theory behind how it works (or doesn’t) it just takes playing around with it, trying things out, experimenting.

Don’t worry too much about ‘getting it right’ but more on having fun and learning in the process.

if you haven’t already got these… here are a couple if websites I’ve recently found that might help you.

It can remove the vocals from a track and let you download vocals only of music only.
It’s free and has some other useful tools.

this one lets you do remixes and have a little play with the songs they have as well as uploading your own, the vocal isolation is a paid feature on this site.

happy mashing and please do share your results :slight_smile:

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this might be helpful too

How To Pitch Your Vocals in Garageband – Producer Society.

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also, you could try pitching up the female vocal by 6 semitones to bring it into the same major key, but I like the tension that the clash/dissonance of the (spicy note) creates and it’s just a matter of balance, space and placement.

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Thankyou for the ideas :slight_smile:

Yep, I get that. I only just figured it out myself.

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Oh okay :slight_smile: I understand :slight_smile: