Mashup collaboration ideas

Hi, i have created a mashup but i would like someone to help me to make it sound more interesting as in could someone collaborate with me on the idea i have.

can we have a listen? :slight_smile:

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Sure, I’d be happy to help you make your mashup more interesting! Can you tell me more about the idea behind your mashup and what kind of collaboration you’re looking for? Are you looking for someone to add new elements to the mashup, help you with the mixing and mastering, or provide feedback on the overall concept?

It sounds like some of the beats are clashing in the example you provided.

Hi Mike :slight_smile: hope you’re well

Yeah the beats are clashing. I would definitely like help with making this specific mashup more interesting.

The idea is making the mashup sound, as if the two singers are having a conversation with each other.

The type of collaboration I’m looking for is, someone to add new elements to it/ help with mixing