Male with Kid/Female like voice, how to do voice over?


I’m 25 male but I sound like a kid or female. I always feel bad for my voice, I want to make my voice better for my youtube channel . I have tried all of your tricks but my sound never sounds like you. :disappointed_relieved:

I speak Hindi and I’m not good at speaking English so I have recorded a short “The Thirsty Crow” story in English. The microphone used for this recording is Blue Yeti and the gain was set 40% to reduce the noise. The unedited raw sound file can be found here on dropbox .

Please use this audio in Live show, it will help so many people like me.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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If dorpbox doesn’t work for you here is the audio on Google Drive

There are vocal techniques to learn that will help reduce your pitch and thereby resonate more…
Breathing correctly from the diaphragm also will help.
I recall humming long notes to the “hum” sound and then dropping in semitones to open up the airways was one.
Get along to a singing coach for an appraisal. Should be free for first lesson.

Also check out English vowel sound and practice, practice, practice and when you are sick of practicing, practice some more.

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Thank you so much for your informative input. It really helped, I didn’t know about this stuff. But still, for now, I need software support as well to sound my voice better, as the other changes can’t happen in a minute but Adobe audition can do many things is a minute like a magic. :star_struck:

I searched everywhere and the result is nearly zero, I’m pretty sure there are many like me who don’t make their channel on youtube/do voice over or sing just because of their voice pitch. If one starts, people make fun and pull them down. This is the only reason I want my voice get covered in the show. hope you understand. :slight_smile:

English isn’t an issue for me as I speak only Hindi, and do voice over in only Hindi but surely I will improve English too. :yum:

Yes. Breathing and pausing in normal speech is very easy though not so obvious,
It should be just yourself first speaking in a normal voice and then embellish later. into your professional speaking voice.

Can you imagine poor @Izabela going to the supermarket with @Mike and every time he sees a special offer, he has to read it out in his radio voice.

“For a limited time only, Get 2 for the price of 1”.

“This Offer runs until the close of business on Friday”

It must be a nightmare for his wife and the shop staff.

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:smiley: nice one!!

I have just started working on normal speech too. Hopefully you, @Mike & MRC community will be the reason for the upcoming positive changes to my voice and voice overs. :relaxed:

Thank you. :slight_smile:


These are my voice samples for the show. You might wanna use them.
They are completely raw, so there is also some noise.

Sorry for using a USB-Mic :smiley: