Making a voice sound far away or in a roomy way. (off-mic)

Have tried loads of reverbs but it’s not what I’m looking for.
It’s more about adding the effect of mic placement in the stereo 3D field.
I’ve PM’ed Cado @The_Tone_Arranger as he uses a suite of Lexicons but I think he’s away.
Are there Foley artists here?

Any help please

Hi Ben. I’m head scratching a bit on this one.
Do you have a live room?

An old studio trick might help you.

Playback the vocal (spoken?) through a monitor or instrument amp if you have one and place it at one end of the studio and set up a pair of ambient mics. to re-record the track at the opposite end.
Don’t re-record the original track.
Be VERY careful of phase issues and track the 2 mic channels and then bounce them down to a stereo track in post.

Hope that helps.

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Try FabFilter Pro R, great reverb plugin with a lot of options to shape your reverb effect

Hi @Saba

Yep. Been down that road many times.
Love the Pro Q2 by the way.

It’s more about not having the vocal in your face.
Need it further back for an audiobook I’m producing.

Getting some lovely chest tones with this config @Hot_Jazz_Chick @The_Tone_Arranger

Thanks for tips


Hi @Ben_Sound, about the comment of @Hot_Jazz_Chick, here is a video to complement the idea. It’s 26 mins long but if you have the time it’s very clear to understand. The real explaining it’s after minute 1. Hope it helps!

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I “borrowed” a real alleyway in North London as the Edinburgh location and used a rolled-up newspaper to project the vocal onto the walls and walked away from the mic and the reverb was very naturally added. Then used Foley in post to add the footsteps.