LOVING the MRC 2.0 presets - how does this sound?

Really enjoying using the new presets and twiddling around with the settings. See what you think to these, which I recorded and edited this morning. I’ve also included the raw recording for reference.

(Only glitch I can hear is between the ‘ic’ on ‘music’ and ‘p’ on ‘podcast’. Is it a click or a pop? Or both? Maybe I need to work on my mic technique?)

EDIT 1: https://clyp.it/pjq0jf1p

EDIT 2: https://clyp.it/gm00onff

Raw recording: https://clyp.it/sm23zfx5


Nice warm voice…and presets sounds great, even without presets it sounds great.

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Thanks for sharing these, great to hear, sounding great!