Looking to receive instant mic feedback in OBS Studio


I’ve been through some struggles to setup OBS with an Elgato HD60s but it’s been worth it. Studio let’s me add audio plug ins to my mic and it’s done wonders for my overall stream quality. Just one problem. The talkback for my mic is slightly off synch. It’s manageable but annoying. I could turn off monitoring, but being able to hear yourself with a radio-esque voice definitely adds to confidence.

I don’t have this experience in my DAW so it is an OBS issue. I tried troubleshooting with the “sync offset” function found in advanced audio properties but turns out it deals with audio/video synch, which in my case was on point from the start.

If anyone’s had the same issue and dealt with it, I’d appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

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I’d suggest it’s probably latency caused by the plug ins you’ve added in OBS?

The best way to monitor is directly through your mixing desk or interface.

Yea, if only I had an actual mixer. I’m plugged into a scarlett interface. The problem persists whether I’m plugged in directly to the computer or the Scarlett, with or without plug ins. I had the same issue with Elgatos streaming app as well.

I’ll be on the lookout. Thanks for your reply.

Hello RiFF,
all conversion (Analog>>digital or HDMI >>> USB) will creat latency. Inserting plugins also. Can you tell me what your setup is? Why the Elgato HD60s?? Where do you plug your mic in??
what is the program studio??

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Great question and, as mentioned, you’re always going to have a little latency even without plugins. It’s best to direct monitor either using a mixer (as @markdenholm mentions) or direct monitor on your audio interface. Even some USB mics have direct monitor which allows you to plug headphones in direct.

I process everything using analogue hardware (dbx units) running into a mixer. That allows me to listen to my processed voice while going live in OBS. It does require some time and investment to set up but is worth it. Much better relying on hardware than software for this kind of processing (in my opinion).

I run like this…

MIC > dbx 286s > MIXER > dbx215s > dbx 166xs > Scarlett 2i2 > LIVE STREAM

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 certainly has a direct monitor option on it which may help.