Lend me your ears on this, please!

What do you think? Too much emphasis on the ‘s’?
With and without-music versions attached.

I tried to help you but I got this message instead: “AccessDeniedAccess Denied0A5D097AED2BA51CLSBv9NLzxgmoWEFfSwGsYfpjGhtygIM5o4vGWKR58AQlsxY7ltcZb0sdxbsy+8gHUBqOoDTAe7A=”


I clicked on your link and got the following error message

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Access Denied


That’s odd. I uploaded them to this site. I’ll upload to clyp.it instead… here are the links…

With music: clyp.it/51ushxr0

Without music: clyp.it/0w1q2o21

Thanks guys.

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Sounds quite good to me. Great voice! Didn’t hear any problems with the ‘s’…wondering if that was a typo and you meant ‘d’ since you had that stutter at the beginning. Either way, sounds find. If I suggested any change, you could easily lose a ‘d’ in the stutter and it wouldn’t hurt. Really didn’t strike me as a problem, though.

Sounds very good to me, no “S” issues that I notice. Good stuff @glenncarey


Thanks. Will toy with shortening the stutter.

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