Learn Dance Music Production

Trance legend Armin van Buuren has just announced an online course in which he’ll be teaching dance music production techniques.

  • Audio producing
  • Mixing and mastering vocals
  • Creating dance tracks from scratch

I have signed up as a student myself - never stop learning - the course starts in early 2018. It’d be fantastic to see some members of the Music Radio Creative community in there. I have no financial incentive to promote this course it’d simply be great to see you in there :slight_smile:

Once you sign up there is a discussion board like this one for sharing tips on dance music production. I thought some of you may be interested!

Join Armin van Buuren’s Masterclass


I would’ve loved to join, but I recently lost my job so don’t have much money to play with atm, but I would definitely join you in there to be part of the MRC Community outsite of the Community. :slight_smile: