Krotos Reformer Free Plugin

This is an awesome plugin that it’s free and it comes with a free library (leopard) the other libraries are paid on demand, but it’s amazing! @Mike you surely will love it! This is the promotional video and the link to get it:

Krotos reformer plugin


Thanks @Juanmapinker. I downloaded this a while back and gave it a go.

I seem to remember being a little underwhelmed as, to me, it seemed like it was just adjusting amplitude and mix of pre-recorded samples to whatever effect you mix it with.

I think perhaps I didn’t explore it well enough. What do you think? Created anything interesting with it yourself?

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Hi @Mike, I’m just testing it. I’m going to experiment a little so I can see what can I do with it. Yes it’s underwhelmed, but I will give it a try and perhaps I’ll post it later. :wink:

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