Keyboard Shortcut Question

I’m a recent convert to Adobe Audition and love it. However there’s one keyboard shortcut that I do miss from Sound Forge I can’t seem to figure out how to replicate with Adobe Audition.

In thinking of how you can take your mouse, click and drag to select a section of the wave form:

In Sound Forge, if I wanted to highlight or select a section of audio from the playhead (cursor) either to the left or to the right, I would simply hold the SHIFT key and press either the left or right arrow.

If I had a Marker inserted and I wanted to hightlight or select the wave form from the point of cursor to that Marker, I would hold CTRL+SHIFT, then either the left or right arrow depending on where the Marker was from the playhead.

Can I even do that in AA? If so, HOW? It could be there in the shortcuts section, but perhaps I’m not familiar with AA’s terminology?

The I or O keys will select audio directly to the left or right of the cursor in Adobe Audition.

Is this what you’re looking for @Str82ThePoint?

No, that doesn’t work either. For example, if I (on Windows) press CTRL+SHIFT “Home” or “End” it will highlight the wave form from the cursor to the beginning or end of the file. I’m looking to do the same thing, BUT to the next marker. In Sound Forge, I could CTRL+SHIFT right or left arrow and I could highlight from the cursor position to the nearest marker in the file. I’m looking to do that in Audition but can’t figure out how to set that up in the keyboard configuration. Thanks! - Greg

Take a look at these shortcuts. Jumping between markers is possible by holding option and command and the left or right arrows. One of these shortcuts may help. Let me know if it works!

Move playhead to next marker sounds exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll check that out. Thank you!

Great to hear that - enjoy!

OK Mike I confirmed that worked - I knew you would know! Fantastic.

Now here’s what I’m trying to incorporate into that movement.

From the cursor position to the nearest Marker, As I “move” from that cursor position to the nearest marker, I want that part of the wave form to be “highlighted” or “selected” so I can delete or to modify as I need.

Any help for that?

Holding down the shift key should highlight (as it does with the mouse). Can you confirm that this works with hotkeys too?

Unfortunately it does not. While CTRL+ALT left or right arrow moves the playhead to the next marker, when you incorporate the SHIFT key in that mix, the playhead doesn’t move at all. Do you think this is a bug, enhancement request or there’s another operator to do this we don’t know about?

Hmm, you’re right the keys work but holding shift stops it working. I did some digging and found these keys that may help:

Otherwise it’s a great feature request to make the Adobe audio team aware of.

Also you could use snapping and mouse selection instead but I guess that defeats the point that you’d like keyboard shortcuts :wink: