JOB OPEN: MRC Audio Producer Needed

MRC is looking for new producers to join our team.


  • Be a freelance producer (ideally you have some clients already and are looking to fill more time during the day).
  • Be available between 9am - 5pm UK time. Although the work is NOT for a Full Time production we are looking for producers who are in their studio in those times available for any work we may have for them.
  • You have good experience with creating both radio imaging as well as commercial work (radio and TV ads).
  • Have an incredible attention to detail.
  • Be creative with audio and able to show your initiative with pieces you produce.
  • You produce using Adobe Audition (we require session sharing by all the producers).
  • Super speedy internet connection (both download and upload).
  • Experience of working with Slack and Google Drive is desirable but not essential.


  • Competitive hourly pay rate.
  • Flexibility.
  • Ability to work with clients in 196 different countries. In one day you are likely to touch on every continent!
  • You will be joining creative team with over 10 years of experience in producing audio for a variety of clients.

How to apply?
Please make sure to follow this specifically in order to be considered. You can apply here:

Closing Date 31st August
Please note that we will not be able to get back to everyone and will only contact the winning candidates.

Closing Date 31st August
Please note that we will not be able to get back to everyone and will only contact the winning candidates.

I would not like to be part of a company that doesn’t even have the courtesy to reply!

C’mon Guys! You can do better than this.

You’re USP is the service you provide.

Each one of us can make our own rules. If we apply we all know what are we going into. If we don’t like we just not apply, but at the end if we do, we know where my stuff is going don’t you think?

Thanks for your comments guys - much appreciated. I would LOVE to be able to reply to everyone who applies. Truly. But in practicality it is impossible. Each time we post jobs around we get over 200 applications (on one occasion almost 350) - I physically don’t have resources available to give everyone detailed response. So instead of risking to upset the 200 people I would rather be up front and honest. It may not be the best I agree but at the end of the day you can only do what you can


Can we the community help at all?

I’ve received many rejection letters and although it hurts, it’s not as bad as hearing nothing back.

Could demos be posted on here in a private section and the Moderators chip in and help sort them in categories?


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This is a cool idea.

Let’s test it out without making it an official part of our recruitment process at this stage. It’ll be interesting to see if something like this could work.

See the Your Showreels category.

Who’ll be first to post in there? :scream:

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I think that’s a great idea @Mike and @Ben_Sound :slight_smile:

@Izabela @Mike As you already know what you are looking for and for the sake of consistency and to give every candidate the same chance, why not compile a set of raw stems with voices, music beds, risers, TOPH and sfx in a download pack with enough components to make and produce a 30 second radio image in AA.
Then the submissions can be tested by all the moderators and the best demos flagged for your immediate attention. So this way, everyone gets an instant reply.

They can then be parsed into 5 tickbox reply categories:

5 We are unable to use you at this time. Keep trying.

4 Didn’t meet the required client brief.

3 Voice was lost in the mix

2 Production was too muddy

1 Can you start Monday?


I’m not sure in that process @Ben_Sound, because of “What are credentials of moderators” that they can decide what MRC needs. I work in radio radio for 17 years, and I would not like to be the one to decide for anyone’s possible future in business that is not mine. I believe that Mike and Izabela are only ones to decide if something is good enough for them.

Just my opinion.


I’m sure the framework @Ben_Sound outlined can be further tailored to their needs.
Applying simple yes/no response criteria works for me. No ambiguity.
They can review them all if they like - it’s just a time saver. She already has 3 kids to look after!!! One is quite a bit taller than the other two.
It’s just about flagging for their attention and giving feedback in a professional manner.

When you submit a song into a contest, they outline the criteria required so everyone strives to reach that bar. My days of submitting songs are well and truly over at this stage. but I remember well the anxiety and stress it caused my whole family waiting on that letter in the post and getting time off work to go and perform in the competition. Many’s then time no letter would even arrive and plans were put on hold to book time off from work. It must be heartbreaking for young artists these days trying to get a foothold without any experience.

You do raise valid points but the aim is to help with the lack of resources at @Izabela’s disposal namely time and to issue a response in a timely and professional manner. Like in the old classic rejection line: “Your submission was reviewed by a panel of judges. However it did not meet the standard expected on this occasion”.


Sounds familiar that.

I studied at RAM.
They gave me a piece of paper after 5 years after my concerto was performed live to an invited audience of alumni.
But I still gotta apply for work so it’s useless in that respect.
I’m not a moderator either.
I don’t know what a good balance is but I know what a bad balance is.

This Discourse platform has the potential to become the Archer Street of the music business.

@David Check out Ronnie Scott and Leo Green’s Dad Bennie and a brief glimpse of a svelte, young-looking Tubby Hayes in the video.

Cado’s @The_Tone_Arranger’s Group on Facebook networks many hundreds of working artists, producers and engineers and offers of work are plentiful throughout the year both here and abroad for touring gigs across all genres in the business of pro audio in the UK and more so in the gigging circuit where I think that’s where it originated when he needed a drummer for a gig in Southampton and there’s was not enough money on the gig for a drummer living in London to drive down so he arranged through Facebook a pick up drummer in Eastleigh and his network grew from there. Simple idea that grew and grew.

Thanks for your ideas guys. I think that we will need to really consider this carefully. Whilst I think everyone here has very good ideas and intentions we need to make sure we have a system in place that satisfies all involved :slight_smile: We did in the past prepare a sample pack to produce (just various sound elements) and it worked OK-ish - it had some down points too (such as limiting people in one specific direction only). It is nice to see what people will come up with just by themselves.

Are you looking for someone better than Mike?

Haha absolutely! What is the point to look for any less? :stuck_out_tongue:


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