Jingles with Mike's SFX's

I’ve been messing around with SFX Mike maked in one of hes live stream and i wanted to share them with you. The riser in the begining and explosion at the end are the effects Mike made them. They sound litle bit dark. I hope you like them.


Nice work @RisteKamchev. Sounds good. Keep going. :sunglasses:

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This is a great production @RisteKamchev!

Expect me to play these in my live stream today :wink:

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Thank you very much Mike for playing this jingles in your live show, i am very happy and pleased for that. If you, or anyone else here, have any idea of using my voice, just let me know. English is not my native language, that’s mean i can realy stuck on some words but i will try my best. Have a good day.

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