Izabela Queen Fairy

Who want’s to hear more from Izabela in MRC Live?

Many have expressed they loved her fairy voice, so here is a special clip for you to enjoy.


Let me know what you think.

#IzabelaQueenFairy @Izabela @Mike


Here are the Individual Cuts for the final cut above.

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Hahahaha this just made my week!! @DavidHunterScot

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Love this so much @DavidHunterScot.

I want to print that graphic out and frame it :rofl:


It lost its reverb at the end - it went dry. Maybe even put some delay on it at the end to make it repeat and fade with “find it…”

Update: Removed the pitch on the “those”…“who don’t”…“believe”… part and added a reverb to the end of “find it…”.

I agree, it does sound better with the reverb at the end. Thought I’d quickly mix this before I had to go out.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

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That sounds better. :slight_smile: Do you reckon you could share your session with us to show how you made it?
Would love that. :slight_smile:

Might not share the session file, but might be able to come up with something for you.

Will see when I get home, so watch this space…

My multitrack session just has the three tracks…

The second track has these effects…


And lastly, the third has these…


I may be tempted to upload the actual session file, but will leave you with these snapshots for now.

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Brand New to the DavidHunterScot studio…


To be considerate of Mike, I’ve uploaded a lot recently, so decided to share these via my Assets Repository server to save some space on the community for other contributions. Any issues, let me know.

@Izabela @Mike #IzabelaTechnoFairy