Is Neumann 103 mic good with DBX286s?

I am purchasing an Airlite Console, and Neumann 103 mic, and this is now where budget is getting tight. Do you feel the DBX286s processor will be capable of handling the TLM 103. I like what the DBX can do to less expensive mics, but keeping budgets in mind will this be OK for this more high end mic?

I use the TLM 103 / dbx 286s combo for voice over and it sounds amazing!

Yes, I would highly recommend and it will make a difference.

Here I recently tested it with the AKG C414 XLII (a microphone in a similar price range to the TLM 103). Listen and see what you think:

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Mic consideration. (horses for courses)

Do the mic characteristics match your vocal characteristics and needs?

How is the gain loss at one stretched hands depth from the source with/without a pop shield?

My advice: Try before you buy or download IK Multimedia mic emulations VSTs to run a bench test.

Personally, not a fan for that money. It’s inherent “warmth” is derived, feels dry and not natural. I’d probably end up sticking it in front of an acoustic guitar. But in the hands of the right engineer anything is possible.

On @Mike’s voice for example, for voiceover recording with dynamics, I’d run with the AT 4033 ASM but not for podcasting in a discussion round table studio as he has a chesty resonance. I’d use AKG vocal mics in that scenario.

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