Is Mike's DT-770 the 32 ohm version?

It seems that in the Free Friday Jingle Izabela uses the grey velours DT-770 pro headphones (so a 80 or 250 ohm version) and Mike uses the black plastic leather (pleather?) 32 ohm version. I cannot see the length of the cable because they vary as well. Also, one of the three has a curly cable.
Does Mike really use the (less resistance=louder) 32 ohm, so the “least professional” of the 3 ? Or has he just replaced the earcups ?
I will drive my future 770 with a loud USB interface (but non pro) or my phone. Will the 80 ohm be loud enough ? (or is it better to follow Mike’s 32)

Hey @CVS I’m actually using the 250 ohm version of DT 770 Pro headphones. I swapped out the grey cups for black cups and the cord is a curly one :slight_smile:

Thanks Mike for your response. I expected a swap haha. The 250 is probably even better and detailed but will be too soft on almost everything I own. 80 it will be.

To make recognizing types even more complicated, there is now an 80 ohms limited edition all black 770 with straight cord and black ears (but black velvet/velours). Also the type name on outside includes the LE.

I think black velvet is the combo of Guinness with a dash of champagne.

Hey @Mike, how long is your cable?


I’m using the DT 770 Pro 250 ohn which are very comfortable and the sound quality is great through my RodeCaster Pro i would recommend them to anyone.

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