Is it possible to remove the awful echo on this video?

There’s a video I have of Top Of The Pops The Story of 1977 which has awful echo all over it.

As the show also contains Saville (eek!) it’s unlikely to ever be shown again. Now then, now then.

It’s on YouTube here:

It also appears to be 1 legged as the first thing I tried was to play only the left or right channels but no luck.

So is there anything that can be done to make this bearable? I think it’s a big ask as it’s clearly borked. But one Noel Edmonds has to be better than two!

Alternatively does anyone have a better copy than this?

The echo you’re talking about, also known as slapback echo or comb filtering, can be real tricky to remove. It’s usually as loud as your original sound and happens super close in time.

Removing it might mess with your sound quality, and there’s a chance you might not be able to totally get rid of it without making some sacrifices.

Sorry, wish I could share more positive news! iZotope RX is worth a look and so is phase inversion as a fix method but I don’t think you’ll get far.

If you can’t do it. no-one can! I’m hoping to find a clean recording of this one day. If the echo was on one channel and not the other, it would be possible to do something, but it’s just a horrible recording!