Interview with Space (the band) needs improving

Hi I work for a not for profit radio station in the south of England and was lucky enough to interview Tommy Scott the lead singer of space today on Zoom. I’ve done a couple of these that have come out well but todays audio was a bit patchy and very quiet. We are all volunteers so anything we do has to be low/no cost with people with minimum technical expertise (myself). I do a little bit of video and photo editing in my day job so have the Adobe Suite and access to Audition. I’ve attached a copy of the file and wonder if anyone can give some tips on how they would “improve” this. I’m not expecting to make is sound fantastic but just improve it. The total interview is 36 mins long and don’t mind a bit of work to do this but obviously anything that is easier and quicker is helpful. I’ve attached a copy of the audio for you. Many thanks if you can help.

I am sure you will get some more technical recommendations - something that may be quick and do the trick is running it via Studio Sound in Descript. Take a look here: Descript | All-in-one audio/video editing, as easy as a doc.

In the future when you do a recording like this I suggest using a platform such as Riverside FM: - Record Podcasts And Video Interviews From Anywhere - it records audio locally and therefore a patchy internet is not going to be an issue, also the quality is 10000% better than Zoom. Zoom is not at all a good choice for recording audio.